Behind The Shoot: The Amazon

Lucy Lu hit me about creating a shoot and sent over inspiration that some of her followers would like to see. The inspiration shots were cool but of course you know that I was gonna do my Newstar thing with the entire look and feel of it. I told Lucy not to worry and that I had it so buckle up! lol The day of the shoot, I dropped by Hobby Lobby, my favorite store in the world besides Best Buy, and grabbed a few plants and flowers to help build my set. The part about this shoot that I loved the most was the creative freedom I felt with it. Lucy knew that I was gonna make it dope and that level of confidence in my skills was fuel added to the fire. 

I arrived to the studio and started setting up the set. I dropped the four tall plants in place and took out the flowers and laid them to the side for later use. I already mapped out how I was going to light it, using a single AD 600 and my FotodioX EZ-Pro Deep Parabolic Softbox 36”. I was about to go back to old habits and pull out the canon 7D but I knew I had to force myself if I was gonna see any growth. I pushed it to the side and pulled out the Sony A7 III and attached my new Sigma 18-35mm 

The props for this shoot ran over 500.00 which was well in budget and was a nice investment to bring the look and feel into play for this shoot.

Using a tan background was best in this situation for us because it allowed for good contrasts of the models skin-tone and the green plants. It was also a great background for the un-photoshopped images.

The photoshop idea came later after the images were taken but the idea of the concept was to have the plants purposed for shadows and interactive elements once the post work had been completed.


Just a deeper look and understanding of what it takes to make this caliber of shoot happen.

Creative Direction - $200.00

Hair / Makeup - $200.00

Wardrobe - $75.00

Studio Rental Space - $100.00 (2 hours)

Props - $556.25

Post Production (Graphic Design) $275.00

Grand Total for Production


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